The West Indian Independence Celebration

Established in 1962, as the West Indian Independence Committee, to commemorate and celebrate the independence of Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.  Many islands of the Caribbean received independence in rapid succession and lead to the expansion of the organization.



Our Mission

To educate, celebrate and share the history, art and culture of all nations of the West Indies (Caribbean)

Through cooperation, collaboration and coordination we work to strengthen each organizations's efforts to involve and engage the Greater Hartford community in experiencing the cultural diversity of the Caribbean.

Promote annual activities of member organizations and support activities to promote the Caribbean within the Greater Hartford Community.

Our Future

We will continue to grow and develop our partnerships with local governments and businesses.  Our goal is to improve our ability to showcase our rich heritage culture and attract major Caribbean sponsors to make the link between Greater Hartford and the Caribbean.

Our Celebrations

With our revitalization efforts in Hartford, the yearly Caribbean festivities is an attraction to our capital city.  This year many of the events will take place downtown. Increased business partnership and the strength of our community, the festivities can attract attendees from across Connecticut as well as tourist from neighboring states.

In past years thousands of people turned out for the Greater Hartford West Indian Celebrations to experience colorful floats, music bands, marching groups, steel bands, steel bands and drill teams.

Both New York and Boston organizes similar events with sponsorship of  businesses and local government. They have average more than 2 million attendees and have produced over 6 million in revenues for business and government.


What's New?

2019 Parade ress Release

Be sure to check out our New Forms page. We have included all forms and applications here for your convenience.

As of May 1st 2016 we require that you fill out and submit a Performer Application which is located on our forms page.

Did you know that Jamaica...

  • Had electricity before the United States
  • Had running water before the United States
  • Had phone cards before the United States
  • Their phone system was so sophisticated it was copied by AT&T